Monday, March 19, 2012

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lies Beneath

 Hi everybody!! Today's book is Lies Beneath.  In this story, a group of "murderous" mermaids, and one merman, seek revenge. There mother was killed, of heartbreak. A man named Jason is in for it. Geez louis! He is going to have a hard time getting out of this one. Even better, the merman falls in love with a human, Jason's daughter, Lily. Boy oh boy, good luck gals!



Well, this is a lovely book. Very.... adventurous and beautifully written, Lissa Price tells the story of a young girl, Cally, who works for money. She had a mother, and father, but both have died. She tells her story of her struggles while trying to take care of her 9 year old brother. To add to these issues, her brother is sick, her home taken away, and she has no family but her brother. She hears about a place called Prime Destinations. Here they rent bodies out to those who want to be young again. She goes to be paid, and yet, she was rented out to someone who needs to murder another person. Some how, a malfunction occurs, and now she is living a luxurious life. Who knows what happens next? I do!

                                                                                         - can't.stop.reading

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breathing Room

Hi again! can't.stop.reading here! So today I'm talking about Breathing Room by Marsha Hayles. She did a WONDERFUL job on this book! It is a bit more mature though. I have to admit some of it is rather.... hmm... too descriptive. The main girl was named Evvy, or Evelyn, and she gets tuberculosis. Unfortunately, she must now go to Loon Lake Sanatorium. Her roommates are Beverly, Pearl, and Dena. All have a spunky personality.  Soon, a new girl comes, Sarah. She and Sarah sit next to each other, and begin to bond. The reason I wouldn't recommend this novel to younger kids is it is uber... I have know idea how to put it.. Well! If you know what word I'm looking for leave a comment on my blog! See you guys soon!

                                                                            - can't.stop.reading

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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide

        Hi! I'm can't.stop.reading! Welcome to my blog, today I'm reviewing The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide. Ok, well, this is a fantabulous book! I enjoyed it because it was interactive. It had quizzes, recipes,fill-in the stories,logs, and even a questionnaire. It's actually a wee bit scary for younger kids. This book has true stories about ghosts. I had to think for awhile on some of them on whether or not they were real. Since it is a children's book, I assumed it was fake. Then I re-read it, and I decided it was true. Well! I guess this wraps it up! Oh yeah!!! Great job Stacey Graham!!!!